Brick Cleaning London

Professional Brick Cleaning London & Brick Restoration Services

These days the appearance of buildings and surfaces suffer from modern day pollutants such as traffic, harsh weather, general neglect as well as natural growths such as moss and algae. The general result are buildings with blackened, dirty appearances, which unfortunately takes the beauty and character away. Professional, regular cleaning not only reduces the risk of atmospheric and or structural damage but also maintains the buildings original appearance such as colour or architectural detail.

With modern technology, cleaning methods have dramatically advanced in accordance with environmental and safety awareness. There are several ways to clean a building and different techniques work best in relation to the surface in question. We use several techniques to achieve excellent results :- Pressure water washing, Steam under pressure, Chemical application and water sparying. We pride ourselves in tackling projects using the safest, most effective technique to bring about first class results. Our systems are environmentally friendly and we can provide sealants and protection from future atmospheric pollutants.

Looking at the examples, you can see the effect a clean on the outside of a building can have to the overall appeal. This will raise your properties value and sale-ability.

Red Brick Cleaning in large block of flats

Soft Red Bricks Cleaning

brick cleaning london

Brick Cleaner London

stone cleaning London


water stains before removal

Brick Cleaning London

Brick Cleaning London


Hanging Tiles cleaned

Cleaning hanging tiles London


our van


water stains after removal

red brick cleaning London

jet cleaning


London Yellow Brick after clean

London yellow stock brick cleaning London

facade cleaning London

Brick Cleaning London

white brick nicely cleaned


Clapham Junction

Millenium House prior to clean


cleaning and repointing

Brick Cleaning Service London

Red Brick Cleaning London

brick stone cleaning and repointing

white brick cleaned up


Brick Work

Millenium House after clean