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Graffiti Removal by Brick Cleaning London, we provide professional, cost effective graffiti removal services. Removal can be carried out on a wide spectrum of hard and soft surfaces including stone, brickwork, metal, plastic and wood.


Our treatments are all environmentally friendly and use biodegradable solutions. Our treatment systems have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed not to cause any long-term damage or harm to any surface.


Graffiti before removal
Cleaned Wall
Graffiti before removal
Clean Wall

Graffiti has become a huge problem and is a common sight. A very popular service we provide is our ‘anti-graffiti treatment’. There are two approaches to anti-graffiti protection:-

Sacrificial coatings

– an invisible microcrystalline wax coating. Being permeable it allows the protected surface to breathe. Graffiti can be easily removed by hot water pressure washing, after which the coating should be re-applied.

Permanent coating

– fixes and seals the surface so that it cannot be penetrated. This way graffiti can be easily removed and leaves the protective coating intact and active.