Jetwashing London

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new development

On completion of a new construction a final jet wash may be necessary to remove mortar stains, paint splashes, dust and other residues prior to handover. This development benefited from a complete jetwashing clean-up and was handed over to the developers in prestine condition. All the dirt and dust from the constructions was removed and the properties looked imaculate.


working from a cherry picker
working from a cherry picker
Roof Cleaning from a Cherry Pciker
Floor Cleaning

Working from a cherry picker access is made easy. An extension pole (up to 7.5 meters) and high pressure steam at 100c (about 2000 psi) to clean the tiles of a roof giving excellent results.

We have a 100% mobile steam cleaning service with water temperature up to 140c (ideal for gum removal) with our own water bowers. We offer an out of hour’s service for shopping centre etc.